20 -22 October 2023 I Nature Journal – a springboard for creativity and textiles I West Dean College

Connect with nature as you explore a range of techniques using seasonally foraged and dried materials to make inks, brushes, cyanotypes and natural dyes. Observational and sensory techniques will be creatively utilised to deepen your awareness of the environment.

Enjoy connecting with others and the elements to create a foundation of creative ideas to spring from. This course will deepen your connection to nature and encourage you to try out exciting methods to develop unique new works. Your unique nature journal book will be a useful resource to work with for further experiments on paper and fabric.

You will be inspired through seasonal creative activities, gain insight into the history, science and folklore of heritage techniques and explore how to journal and connect with your environment.

Learn how to develop unique cyanotype prints from guided experimentation. Discover how to make a beautiful swatch card of colours from heritage and foraged botanicals. You will draw and collage with papers made with plant inks, and mindfully atune to your environment through observational and sensory drawing. Explore methods to free up your mark-making and pattern building.

By the end of the course, you will have gained confidence in creating colours from nature on fabric and paper, learnt how to prepare a light sensitive solution and how to apply it successfully, and deepened your knowledge of process and practice in seasonally connected activities.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 20,21,22nd October

Ref: SWE13107



West Dean
Nr Chichester
West Sussex
PO18 0QZ

2 – 6 October 2023 I Art Holiday I Greece

Join our creative holiday on the Greek island of Nisyros 2 – 6th October 2023

Our workshops bring together a unique experience inspired by nature and the positive energy of the the beautiful island of Nisyros. Together with the artists behind the book Nature Journal, you will learn skills, create and collect material to explore  art and craft techniques inspired by the land and the seasons. Nisyros is a small  volcanic island in the middle of the Dodecanese complex. The island is renowned for its natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. It is a truly authentic place, perfect to experiment with creativity.
The workshops have been set up for beginners and art professionals to inspire, motivate and reconnect with nature. During the workshops we will introduce you to various processes which make use of the natural elements on the island. We will explore beaches, forage for plants and gather materials for inspiration and use. In your spare time you can choose to visit museums and churches, the volcano, walk and explore,
go to the beach or relax in therapeutic waters in a rustic spa.

​For more details and for notes from previous participants, please visit:


6 June – 4 July 2023 I Seasonal Natural Dyeing Summer I Morley College

Research seasonal natural dyeing on sustainable fabrics. Explore contemporary natural dye practise globally and links to ritual, medicine and folklore. Utilise plants from the Morley dye garden. Develop with support an individual project to showcase your design development.

Five Tuesdays, 10 – 4pm
Course code : W22TTSE02D

17 June I Natural Dye Workshop I West Worthing Museum I

Saturday 17th June – Discover the beauty of plant-dyed fabrics

With a resurgence of interest in colour from plants and inspired by fashion pieces in the Worthing museum collection, we will make a palette of colours from dye plants, some from the museum garden.

Before 1856, all colour on cloth was made from plants, insects or minerals. We will explore the invention of synthetic dyes and how they changed the course of the fashion and textile industry.

In this introductory workshop, discover the beauty of plant-dyed fabric and make a sample card of colours extending the spectrum with simple kitchen Chemistry.

Natural Dye Course West Worthing museum
Natural Dye Course West Worthing museum

Bookings via the link



20 May I West Worthing Museum I Cyanotype Workshop I

Saturday 20th May 2023 1- 4pm

An introduction to an early form of photography – Cyanotype.

Discover the history and wonder of this magical form of image-making. Create your own unique postcard images. An exciting process using sunlight and water to form cyanotype prints, also known as blueprinting or sun printing.

Using inspiration from objects in the Worthing museum collection and the local Sussex landscape, develop unique photographs without using your camera or a digital phone.

Worthing Museum cyanotype workshop
Worthing Museum cyanotype workshop



13 & 14 May 2023 I Dulwich Artist Open House

New artworks for sale

Hosted by Alison Furey  10 Poplar Walk, SE24 0BU

Craft – Design – Furniture – Interiors – Prints – Upcycling – Textiles

Zoë explores art, textiles, & cyanotypes through a lens of sustainability & environmental connection.

Alison makes statement pieces through plant dyeing, Eco printing, quilting & reupholstery.

Jenny is a printmaker, favouring etching.

With solar dyeing workshop

First Weekend Only

Dulwich Festival Artist Open House
Dulwich Festival Artist Open House

18 May 2023 I Botanical Ink Making Workshop I The South London Botanical Institute I International House – Brixton London

Learn how to make and give creative expression to plant colours.

Experiment with plants and cuttings from the local environment, Brixton market and kitchen scraps. Explore how simple chemistry can extend your colour palette. Come away with colourful pages, recipes and notes to develop further.

Zoë has been exploring colour from plants for several years and enjoys sharing their chromatic energy, connecting to nature and our environment.

No experience necessary, beginners welcome.



28 April2023 I Botanical Colour Collage Workshop I The South London Botanical InstituteI International House Brixton London

28th April 2 – 5pm

Experiment with naturally dyed colour scraps at our Botanical Collage Workshop and form beautiful unique patterns.

Come along to our Botanical Colour Collage Workshop and experiment with naturally dyed colour scraps and form beautiful unique patterns.

Learn how to make a postcard sized sampler and experiment with stitch to embellish and layer.

There will also be a talk about the Dye Bed in the South London Botanical Institute garden.



18 April – 16 May 2023 I Seasonal Natural Dyeing Spring I Morley College

Grow and identify dye plants and utilise the Morley dye garden. Experiment with seasonal plant dyeing, contact printing, solar dyeing and eco printing. Create and test natural dye mordants on a variety of fabrics. Plan a dye garden design. Develop a beautiful book of samples and recipes.

Five Tuesdays, 10 – 4pm


Course code: W22TTSE02C

61, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT


20 – 23 April 2023 I Mixed Media and Textile Journalling I West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

Textile journalling, an exploration of art, textiles, science and design through the medium of cyanotype, natural dyeing, botanical inks and

A 3 days immersion and connection to the stunning landscape and gardens of West Dean, Chichester PO18 0QZ

This course offers you the time and space to discover resources, colours and shapes from the local environment to use as starting points for fresh and focused interpretation.

By enlisting found objects, we will explore creative journals and sketchbooks as a starting point for mixed media or textile-based work. A series of creative exercises exploring drawing, made drawing tools and botanical inks, collage, stitch and cyanotype will add personal expression and meaning to your work.