MoDA textile research and collaborative sustainability residency

Zoe Burt fabrics
Naturally dyed and printed fabrics by Zoe Burt

Collaborative textile research residency with Ceres_naturaldyesprints

Aim – to use objects from MoDA’s collection as a starting point for exploration of natural prints and dyes with the aim of raising the profile of MoDA’s collection for textile research in practise and to bring greater awareness of sustainability in design research


Dye Book 1894 MoDA
Dye Book 1894 MoDA

Given the impact of the fashion industry on the planet’s resources, how might natural dyes offer more sustainable alternatives to synthetic dyestuffs? Ana Baeza, MoDA’s Curator, talks with Zoe Burt, Lara Mantell and Flo Hawkins, three textile practitioners working with natural dyes who were inspired by MoDA’s collections. They discuss issues of sustainability and environmental activism.

Episode 4: Home Planet

Ceres: Artists in Residence 2019