Group Show – Advanced Textile Workshop – Cultural Patterns: Works on Paper R.K.Burt Gallery

Cultural Patterns - Cyanotype and Natural Dyes
Cultural Patterns – Cyanotype and Natural Dyes

The Pacific Ocean was a starting point for the theme of Cultural Patterns. I chose the paddle as an emblem of connection between humans, their environment and the spirit of the land. The paddles would also have been used for discovery and as gifts and for trading, exchanging cultural pattern and styles. Three paddles were painted on board the Endeavour by draftsman Sydney Parkinson (1769) on a voyage of Captain Cook. There was no written language on many of the pacific islands, art held sacred information, often painted with plant colours vanishing soon after made. In response, my papers have been hand-painted with plant colour extracts – madder, weld, sorghum and persian berry and treated with light sensitive solution and printed with imagery reflecting aspects of the fluidity and direction of water.
It was an honour to exhibit works on paper with talented artists Bukki Adeyemo, Jan Cook, Line Le Fevre, Jan van der Linde, Rachel Preston, Cherry Taylor, Lauraine Turner and Sarah Wilson as part of the Advanced Textile Workshop at Morley College.
12th – 21st March 2019 at R.K.Burt Gallery, 57 Union Street, London, SE1 1SG