Seeds of Fashion

Zoë was awarded the prestigious Timberland Earthkeeper grant for her work on the urban textile fibre growing project Seeds of Fashion. She collaborated with community gardens, schools and universities to inspire people to reconnect with where their clothes come from, and working together to grow a garment from seed within the M25.

This project, together with Cordwainers Garden and the London College of Fashion, was a 2015 Green Gown Awards finalist. Exhibits and talks and workshops about the project have been shown at the South London Botanical Institute, Brockwell Hall in Lambeth, the Royal Horticultural Society and the London Permaculture Festival.

The project also featured in Hand/Eye magazine in April 2015 and the Financial Times magazine in May 2015.

For more details of the project, see the Seeds of Fashion blog.

A Fibreshed for London (2015) from Jessica Smulders Cohen on Vimeo.